Fox Point Single Family Homes 2014 Year End Sales Report

Relevant Real Estate Information for the Fox Point Community in Fredericksburg, VA

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For the year of 2014 there were 27 homes that sold in Fox Point!

Average Days on the Market = 77 days.

Seller Paid Subsidy's = 17 out of the 27 homes paid a subsidy to the buyer. The average paid subsidy was $7,000.


Home sales increased 52% from 2013 in Fox Point. Buyers love Fox Point and are eager to purchase in this community, as long as the house is priced right.

While 77 days on the market is high, notice that 44% of the homes sold under 35 days on the market. With 56% of the homes selling after more than 35 days on the market, this reveals the importance of doing the "big three." The "big three" that sells homes quickly are 1) How it Shows 2) How its Priced and 3) How it is Marketed. If these three are professionally advised and accomplished, you will sell fast and net yourself the most amount of money. FYI, out of the 96 homes the 12:45 Team sold in 2014 the average days for their listings is 22 days!!

If you are planning on selling early in 2015, call me ASAP. Pre-marketing is vital to your sell. There are allot of buyers right now and there are allot of buyers amping up for the spring market. Call Nate or Shawn at 571-477-1245.

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